Hello! I'm Pasquale Lisena and I am a Web Engineer and Researcher.

About me.

I am currently a Research Fellow in the Data Science department at EURECOM, in the Data2Knowledge group. I got a PhD in Computer Science in 2019, with a thesis on Knowledge-based music recommendation: Models, algorithms and exploratory search. In 2021, I obtained an ANR JCJC as project coordinator for the kFLOW project.

My research fields involves Knowledge Graphs, Knowledge Engineering and Recommender System. Currently working on Odeuropa and kFLOW.

Selected works.

2022 - Capturing the Semantics of Smell: The Odeuropa Data Model for Olfactory Heritage Information PDF
Best Resource Paper Award

2022 - MIDI2vec: Learning MIDI Embeddings for Reliable Prediction of Symbolic Music Metadata PDF

2019 - Easy Web API Development with SPARQL Transformer PDF

2018 - DOREMUS: A graph of linked musical works PDF

My Book.

Web Data APIs for Knowledge Graphs

My Current Projects.

Odeuropa kFLOW